PhD Workshop Themes

  • Community Livelihoods

    What is the history of community relationships and attitudes to development in the Kimberley?

  • Kimberley Resources

    What are the options for using natural and cultural resources for development of the Kimberley?

  • Sharing Knowledge

    How can sharing information resolve differences and contribute to community livelihoods?

CULTURE - the Missing Link of Sustainable Development!

Sustainable livelihoods can be achieved when the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual needs of communities and their environments can be met in ways that safeguard cultural strength and biological diversity.

The problem remains that without culture being incorporated into the sustainable development paradigms, such as the sustainable development goals (SDG’s), or the three pillars of sustainable development, cultural values will remain invisible.

Not having culture incorporated as a stand-alone SD Goal or as the fourth (or first) Pillar of Sustainable Development has serious consequences, for humanity and the planet. The climate crisis and current global cultural conflicts are two examples of dire consequences.


Cultural Mapping Course Developer

Jennifer Joi Field, PhD

I would like to share a brief history of how I came to develop this bespoke cultural mapping collaborative learning program. The primary objective was finding a way for Kimberley communities to create sustainable livelihoods.

I have always seen opportunities where there is need. In the 1980s, it was alternative ways of living that were more community orientated and that is when I also established my first business in a small rural town, Candelo Bulk Wholefoods.

I then commenced horticultural studies where I uncovered a love for natural environments. My growing desire to work with communities then led me to studiesin social sciences where in 1988 I was given a field placement with the Australian Council for Social Services.

This is where I met Aboriginal activist, Kevin Gilbert. An admired leader who inspired many, including me. He invited me to assist him to set more

Africa or Northern Australia – the issues are the same!